Концерт симфонического оркестра «Гарри Поттер и Пираты Карибского моря»

I'm waiting for you, my love

A beast sleeps within all of us. It is much simpler with men – usually it is a predator, but there are also harmless jerboas. It is worse when a goat or a bull wakes up within a man, but these homo sapiens are themselves to blame, at least they could handle with their alter-ego with mittens. Let’s say the talk is about women. Oh, in that case we are dealing with whole zoo! A panther, a tiger, a chicken, a snake, and even a toad – you never know who the woman will turn out to be. And if she is also a temperamental Italian by birth, pretty, but ... marred by life, locked in four walls, like in a cage? Sooner or later, tired of silence, the woman will speak - and then watch yourselves!