Международная выставка «Музей шоколада «Шоколандия» в Караганде

Международная выставка «Музей шоколада «Шоколандия» в Караганде

Address: Karaganda, 38 Yerubaeva Street, Regional Museum (KGKP "Karaganda Regional Museum of Local Lore")
Dates of the event: from March 10 to April 16

Operating mode: from 10:00 to 19:00, the ticket office until 18:00. Seven days a week.

Duration: 45 minutes - 1 hour

Age limit: No age restrictions

Additionally: The ticket is valid for one visit





The exhibition program: includes an excursion, a photo zone, activities, a master class and a tasting. All children under 5 years old – free of charge. The "Chocolate Museum" consists of 10 main zones. In the first zone, they tell you everything about the project and introduce you to the guide.

  • In the next zone, you can learn the history and amazing facts about chocolate.
  • In the third zone, you can see original figures and compositions made of chocolate.
  • In the activity zone, visitors are invited to explore the world of chocolate in a playful way.
  • In the educational zone, you can collect puzzles, perform tasks for the development of logic, take tests.
  • The museum also has a unique chocolate photo zone.
  • In the performance area, the secrets of chocolate craftsmanship are revealed.