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Kazakh National Drama Theater named after M.Auezov


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Author: Н. В. Gogol

Premiere day:

Director: V. И. Zakharov


Genre: comedy


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"Marriage" - is a play filled with ridiculous scenes that wonderfully convey the comedy and absurdity of the situation, the severity, dangling in the air. Bride Agafya despaired to marry read the cards. She too scary and her main fear - a possible loneliness.

In front of her, like at the fair will be held five suitors. Various and hilarious in their spiritual wretchedness and their claims ... Eventually Agafya chooses Podkolesin that at the last minute runs away by jumping out the window.

"Marriage" by Nikolai Gogol first staged in 1961 at the theater of M. Auezov under the directing of  N. Zhanturin. And the new performance says about the fate of people affected by their own miserable ego and prudence, but not conscious of themselves in it. Sad comedy about purposeless society.