Щелкунчик (Astana Ballet)

Streetcar Named Desire

"Tram" Desire "- one of the strongest, persistent and piercing plays of the famous American playwright T. Williams, left on stage by our talented Kyrgyz director N. Asanbekov and the equally talented and well-known production designer Yu. Nurmatov, the play became one of the flagships of the capital scene. The events in New Orleans in the second third of the last century in the bold decision of the director are becoming a kind of illustration of the present day. The theme "Tram" Desire" is from the category of those questions that cannot be answered with one or two sentences, because in this play - a whole space of topics closely interrelated. This "Tram" Desire" is not about the death of" old beauty". Nor it is about the manor with white columns and its late half-mad children. Rather, about how one human breed succeeds another. Each of them has an unconditional right to live. But ... they are incompatible. Everything seems to be implicated in some instinct of blood and flesh, not subject to the human eye. However, the production group managed to convey the uncontrollable, complex and contradictory relationship between the heroes. And, as the premiere of the show, which was held on April 18, 2008, showed, it is quite brilliant.