Концерт симфонического оркестра «Гарри Поттер и Пираты Карибского моря»
The drama theatre. M. O. Auezov

The Gypsy serenade

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The songs, which different astonishing melodic, captivating lyricism of great Shamshi on the mouth, mind of every Kazakh. How these beautiful songs were born? What do you know about destiny, about creativity and love of Shamshi? The Gypsy Serenade involuntarily causing spiritual awe. Have you ever heard about the gypsy girl Isolde, who became the reason of the birth of this song? 

Love for the song and the fate of Shamshi is closely connected, in this point of view, poetical drama of Israil Saparbay "The Gypsy Serenade" opens to the viewer deeply. Melodious drama full of impressions.