Команда Астана

Mixed feelings

smeshanye_chuvstva_posterjpg.jpgLocation: The stage of the MTUZ, 47b Omarova str.

Author: R. Baer

Release date: January 31, 2014

Director: B. Parmanov


Genre: melodrama

Duration: 1 hour 50 minutes with 1 intermission

Age restriction:




«Mixed feelings» is a tender, humorless story about people no longer second, but third quarter of life. It’s about people who have lost their halves and are naively trying to revive them in each other. To deceive death, to deceive love, to return the family with all its dear banalities - family dinners, weekly meetings with children and grandchildren, with morning kisses and night quarrels.

According to the Decree of the Chief sanitary doctor G. Nur-Sultan and restrictive quarantine measures in the city of the  Nur-Sultan of 24 October 2020, paragraph 3.42 on the organization of work of CULTURAL OBJECTS reinforced with observance of sanitary-antiepidemic, sanitation, set normal operating mode with restricted VISITS by VIEWERS OVER the age of 65.