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A Haunting in Venice

«Ghosts in Venice» is a long-awaited film that will take viewers on an exciting journey through the streets of Venice. The story begins with the fact that a young and talented artist John rescues a missing girl and finds himself entangled in a mysterious conspiracy. One night, John witnesses a strange phenomenon - ghosts appear on the streets of Venice. He tries to explain it to his friends, but no one believes him. However, soon John meets a mysterious girl who asks him to help her. The mystery of the missing girl becomes a real danger for the main character. John decides to go all the way and find out the whole truth about this mystery, but it turns out to be much more difficult than he thought. The movie «Ghosts in Venice» it will not leave the viewer indifferent thanks to the stunning scenes and the magnificent performance of the actors. This is an interesting picture of how a person can change his fate, bring love back to life and understand the meaning of his existence