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Pajama for six

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There are plays that are rolled on over theatrical stages of the world like tsunamis, provoking the envy of playwrights and directors, tearing off the audience's stormy applause. One of them is Camoletti's "Pajama for Six", which got into the Guinness Book of Records as one of the long-livers of the French theater. "Pajama for Six" is a brilliant witty comedy about the family life of one French family, full of unexpected and ridiculous situations.

The spouses and their lovers are incidentally gathered under the one roof. The dream of a piquant date in a country house turns into a crowded party... The characters of the play weave a complex network of lies, betrayals, understatement, hide true motives and feelings behind pretending and therefore fall into silly and ridiculous situations. How will they get out of the web of untruth?