Songbook at the ARTиШОК Theater

Песенник в театре/АРТиШОК​Venue: The Big stage of the Artishok Theater, Gogol 40

Director of Photography: Galina Pyanova

Artist: Anton Bolkunov

Lighting Designer: Emil Vyatkin

Sound engineer:

The actors: Chingiz Kapin, Irena Aravina, Victoria Mukhamedzhanova, Anastasia Tarasova, Aisulu Azimbayeva, Galina Pyanova, Kuantai Abdimadi, Nursultan Mukhamedzhanov, Aiganym Ramazan, Aiganym Sagynbayeva, Salim Balgazin

Duration: 1 hour 15 min

Age limit: 10+


Tell me, when was the last time you sat at the same table with your relatives, remembered the best moments, drank tea and sang your favorite songs? This wonderful tradition is gradually disappearing from our fast, tumultuous life. We suggest you to stay a bit and spend a warm autumn evening with us. We are going to smile, enjoy life and sing your favorite songs. Songs written in our country, impregnated with love for the place where you were born, to close people! Believe us; we have such a touching playlist!