A kind heart

Мейірімді жүрек/Жастар театрыVenue: Nur-Sultan, Ilyas Esenberlin St., 10, Zhastar Theater

Author: В. В. Orlov

Premiere date: December, 2016

Director: Nurfat Vakhitov, figure of Kazakh culture

Genre: fairy tale

Characters: Wolf - Chingiz ZHAKYPBAY, Aslanbek ZHANUZAKOV
The fox is Nazerke SERIKBOLOVA
Balapan - Kalamkas MELISOVA

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Even a cunning fox could not resist the temptation of possessing gold.  And what if there is an adorable little chicken instead of that bar of gold?! How can a cunning fox catch a kind chicken who has a body  made of pure gold? Who would dare to protect the baby chicken?     And help will come in unexpected ways...

The performance teaches the children to be kind and human, brave and courageous.