Лондонский треугольник в Астане

Лондонский треугольникVenue: Astana, Esenberlin str. 10, Zhastar theaters

The author of the play: Alexander Uglov

Actors: Alexander Galibin, Vadim Kolganov, Juliet Goering

Directors: Dmitry Astrakhan, Vladimir Rubanov

Genre: Melodrama

Duration: 2 hours 35 minutes (with one intermission)

Age limit: 16+



London. The 50s of the XIX century. The Russian writer and oppositionist Alexander Herzen, who is in forced emigration, settled here. It was at this time that he, along with his closest friend Nikolai Ogarev, began publishing the dissident magazine Kolokol. But Dmitry Astrakhan's performance is not about that. The London Triangle is an incredible and little–known story of a strange relationship that developed between two bosom friends and their common lover Natalie Tuchkova. Being formally Ogarev's wife, Natalie gave birth to three children from Herzen. Tuchkova herself, who was much younger than both of her men, was a very extraordinary person, which, however, did not save her fate from a tragic denouement.