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The drama theatre. M. O. Auezov

Don't part with your beloved

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For a basis of the performance, the famous Russian playwright Alexander Volodin, which deeply psychological penetrated, taken descriptions of various court cases about divorce of eight married couples. Differing by age, social status, ideology, these families are exposed to various challenges of life on the strength of the marriage, of doubt, pride - all in the ultimate goal of provoking a divorce. When spouses cannot be reconciling, the judge decide their destiny. However, pride, ego of spouses prevails - talk about love and affection is meaningless.

In performance, each character puts forward his various knowledge of individual consciousness. Each character individually, i.e. each person - is a person, a separate world. If you enter into the world of this person and if it is necessary to understand it and forgive him - in our world it is a great dignity of each person. The performance, which employs the younger generation of actors, discusses global problems of love and marriage.