Концерт симфонического оркестра «Гарри Поттер и Пираты Карибского моря»
Russian Drama Theatre. MY Lermontov

CHERCHEZ LA FEMME / Look for the woman

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"Cherchez la femme / Look for a woman" ... - so  French people advise when it is necessary to find the cause of an intricate and difficult situation ... Especially when it comes to such serious vicissitudes as the heroes of the play are got into.
The action takes place in Paris - the city of artists and poets, lovers and adventurers, where the air is permeated with love.
Poor artist Blaise for the sake of his future wellness dares to take a desperate step - to marry the silly and strange daughter of the successful businessman. But instead of this he gets into the unconceivable twist, the events are swirling fast into a tangle of ridiculous and piquant intrigue ...
Truly French plot: light, sparkling and playful - like a spray of champagne!