Extravaganza-macabre "We are a clown" in Almaty

Venue: Drama Theater named after M. O. Auezov

The author of the play: Matej Vishnek

Director of Photography: Mikail Mikailov

The dramatist: Mikail Mikailov

Production designer: Umai Hasanova

Genre: extravaganza-macabre

Age restriction: 





Three elderly men arrive with suitcases in a windowless room. Three out-of-fashion clowns bump into one another at an audition. They are old, out of fashion and desperately hoping they'll be chosen as it's clearly their last chance. They have answered an advertisement stating "Small Part for an Old Clown". When no one arrives to interview them they start performing their old routines. Who is the best actor?

Actors and performers:

Mr. Krasny – Zumrud Gasimova
Mr. Green – Tarana Ojagverdieva
​Mr. Yellow – Natavan Geybullazade