Премьера балета
Russian Drama Theatre. MY Lermontov


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What could child of steppe, born in the age of stagnation, ever know about disaster, which in the 1930-th destroyed two million nomads?  Not otherwise, as genetic memory prompted the young playwright how to increase dry numbers of statistic. To make clear for us, consumers of hypermarkets, that the war is not most terrible thing in the world.  The authors of the spectacle don’t take responsibility to give historical evaluation for one of the saddest pages in the history of Kazakh people. In conditions of the chamber scene life and destiny of the one family sometimes testifies about scale of national tragedy much clearer than epic blockbusters.  Heroes of the performance by Ruben Andriasyan are masculine people outliving as an own grief, so and misfortune of their tribesmen, with astonishing dignity.