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«Асауға тұсау»

Venue: Astana, Ilyas Esenberlin St., 10, Zhastar Theater

Author: U. Shakespeare

Premiere date: December, 2013

Director: Nurkanat Zhakypbay, Bekbolat Kurmangozhayev, Dauren Sergazin

Actors: Adil Akhmetov, Dauren Sergazin, Ainur Rakhipova and others.

Genre: comedy

Duration: 1 hour, 45 minutes

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Two siblings have so many bridegrooms asking for hands of these beauties.But everyone chooses a gentle, modest and honest Bianca.No one dares to come close to rebellious elder sister Katherina. As a matter of fact, a young man named Petruchio looking for the shrew chose Katherina, as to say «what we fought for has been our undoing». This is the beginning of the most intriguing part.

This immortal work of Shakespeare rises to a new level in Zhastar theatre and is offered to viewers.