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Nagima Yeskaliyeva

Nagima Yeskaliyeva

Date of Birth
03.02.1954 (70), Almaty region

Present name
Nagima Eskalieva

Who by a sign of the zodiac

The creative way of Nagima Eskalieva started in the 1970s. Having finished her vocal class in the studio of pop and circus art, she entered the musical school named after M.A. Lomonosov. Tchaikovsky School of Music. Since 1977, she has been a soloist in several ensembles and has worked with the Almaty Regional Philharmonic. In 1980, her first album is released and the songs of Nagima Eskaliyeva are sung by thousands of fans. 
She began tours to friendly countries, and simultaneously studied at the Al-Farabi Pedagogical Institute of Culture in Shymkent and recorded new hits. A diverse repertoire, musical intuition and an unusual voice made Nagima Khabdulovna one of the most popular singers of the national stage. Having crossed a solid line in her solo career, Nagima Khabdulovna began teaching, opening a school for gifted children.

She also served as a mentor on the SuperStar KZ show and was a jury member at X-Factor.

Nagima Khabdulovna can be seen in 4 films:

  • The native steppes; 
  • Redeem yourself;
  • Sweet juice inside the grass;
  • Kairat is Champion, or Virgin #1.

The energetic, cheerful artist continues to delight the audience with her performances at various concerts.

Family life of Nagima Eskalieva

Nagima Eskalieva's first husband worked with her in the "Medeu" ensemble where he was the artistic director. Nagima Eskaliyeva lived with Alexander Ablaev for 12 years, they have a common child - Diaz (only son), who followed in his mother's footsteps and also took up music.

For the second time Nagima Eskalieva married Diamond Eestekova, she prefers not to talk about him, it is known only that he lived in the USA for a long time.