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Last Judgment (2022)   драма/история
Time Hall Format Language Price
21:30 2 зал KAZ 2800 2100 - Buy
Menin atym Qyzbolsyn (2024)   комедия
Time Hall Format Language Adult Stud. Child.
22:15 1 зал KAZ 2800 2100 - Buy
Furiosa: The Mad Max Chronicles (2024)   фантастика/боевик/триллер/приключения
Time Hall Format Language Adult Stud. Child.
23:50 2 зал RUS 2800 2100 - Buy
We entered the barn (2024)   черная комедия, драма
Time Hall Format Language Adult Stud. Child.
23:55 1 зал KAZ 2800 2100 - Buy

Address: Avangard neighborhood, 40a. Shopping center Ataba, 2nd floor.

Contact number: 8 7122 28-73-16.

Bus stop: Avangard station.

Distance from the station: 700 meters.

Entrance: from the side of Grigory Karelin street.

Parking: ground parking along the trajectory of Grigory Karelin Street.

Cinema - a place where you can disconnect for two hours from daily routine and immerse yourself in the film and its reality. But for this to happen, you need the right approach to choosing a cinema, in Atyrau, it is the Arsenal 3D. It is the only film center in the city today where films are shown in the voluminous format.

About the Arsenal 3D cinema in Atyrau.

When choosing a movie to watch, it is important that it is shown in excellent quality with excellent sound. Under these conditions, the impression of the film will be much more enjoyable than in a poorly equipped auditorium. That's why the Arsenal in Atyrau has modern film equipment with the ability to show movies in 3D on the big screen. When you come to this cinema, you will get maximum pleasure from it:

  • watching movies in high quality;
  • home hospitality and good service;
  • a wide range of movies;

The movie center starts its work at 11.00. If you don't like crowded halls, this is morning time for you. The greatest influx of spectators is in the evening. Since the mini multiplex is located in the mall, rest assured that you will always find a place to park your car and where to spend minutes before the movie.

In the lobby, there is a cinema bar with delicious snacks for you. These include popcorn, drinks, ice cream, and lots of sweets for little kids.

The 3D arsenal consists of two halls with 145 seats each, equipped with cozy, soft chairs and comfortable armrests. Each of them has an air conditioning system and the lighting is set up so that when you turn on the light goes on smoothly and "did not hit" in the eyes. The rooms themselves have their own beautiful interior and cleanliness. There are also VIP-places in cinemas. The price of tickets to this area is a little higher than usual.

Playbill Arsenal 3d in Atyrau.

Every day, hundreds of interesting and exciting films are released in world distribution. You can get acquainted with the released premieres from foreign and Kazakh directors, having a look at the schedule of films of the cinema Arsenal 3D. Here you can find it:

  • Fantastic sagas;
  • Comedies;
  • Melodramas;
  • Musicals;
  • Art House and many others.

In addition, the mini multiplex launched an action "Anti-Crisis Tuesday". On this day you have a chance to watch the films you like at a discounted price.