Спектакль «Мечта»
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Mansion Karaoke Bar

Address: Astana, Tokyrauyn lane, 10

Phone: +77782229333

Opening hours: Daily from 19:00 to 06:00

Stop: Akbulak Hills Residential complex

Parking: there is, from the side of Tokpanova street

Entrance: from Tokpanov Street

Mansion Karaoke bar is a unique institution stylized as a cozy mansion. Karaoke bar with Oriental, European and Caucasian cuisine, perfect for any celebration and friendly gatherings. The bar is equipped with a spacious dance floor where you can enjoy live music. A summer terrace and separate cabins, as well as a VIP room for special events. Board games, a wine list with a wide assortment, as well as the possibility of banquets, all this makes the Mansion Karaoke Bar a place of attraction for visitors.