Нелетная погода или брачный сезон у пингвинов
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Energy Hall

Address: Astana, Mangilik Yel Avenue, B2.3.

This pavilion was built as a special concert and entertainment venue and in its essence is a cultural attraction of the entire Expo exhibition complex.

Холл Энергии, Астана

Energy Hall or Expo Concert Pavilion

Built between commercial pavilions, it is located in the heart of the exhibition complex and occupies an area of more than 3000 square meters. Energy Hall was designed with the principle of using digital architecture, i.e. during its design and commissioning technologies were used to apply this pavilion as a screen plane. With its interior fittings and design, with its streamlined forms, Energy Hall directly embodies the main theme of EXPO - "Energy of the Future".

The most advanced and unique building materials were used for its construction. Some of them are flake light elements. The wall on which they are located, thanks to color pulsation looks like a living organism and fascinates with its unusual beauty.

Холл Энергии в Астане

Much attention was paid to creating a good acoustic system, as the main purpose of this hall is to hold concerts and other cultural events. Thus, the auditorium, designed for 1000 seats, is covered with special acoustic panels, which are covered with material and metal mesh. And on the stage itself there is a panel curtain, which is made of wood on one side and material on the other. The created structures significantly improve the acoustic properties of the hall. The hall itself is made in deep blue tones and can be transformed from the concert hall to the venue of official events due to the technology of the rotating floor.

Зал холла Энергии

Concerts non-stop

It is in the Hall of Energy that the brightest events take place. It hosts performances by the best cellist of our time - Misha Maisky and the Kuss Quartet - and the German string quartet Maurice Steger & The Lautten Compagney. There was a concert by the "Camerata Kazakhstan" ensemble: The Beatles go Baroque, etc. The Magic Of Nomads, a famous British violinist of the present Thomas Gould, opera singer Marie Bevan and Comedy Club Festival "Energy of Humour" will also be held here.

An impressive event for fans of classical music will be a performance by Sandy Tokanov, where British violinist Thomas Gould and French pianist Julien Quentin will perform Beethoven's Triple Concerto with her for the first time.