Спектакль «Лолита»
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Fashion night club

Address: Astana, Mailina 4

Phone number: +77172222777, +77783976441

Work schedule: 

  • Monday: 23:00-05:00
  • Tuesday: 23:00-05:00
  • Wednesday: 23:00-05:00
  • Thursday: 23:00-05:00
  • Friday: 23:00-05:00
  • Saturday: 23:00-05:00
  • Sunday: closed

Stop: Astana Mall shopping center

Parking: there is, from the side of Mailina street

Entrance: from the side of Mailina street

Fashion night club is the epicenter of the club life of the capital, the most popular DJs of the city perform here, and the incendiary movements of the GO-GO dancers attract attention and create the right mood. A wide range of the bar menu will pleasantly please the visitors of the Fashion nightclub. Italian and Japanese cuisine will be a pleasant addition to a good evening.