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Don Quixote

Author: Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra

Author and director of staging: Alibek Omirbekovich

Artistic director of the theater: Honored Worker of Kazakhstan Kuandyk Kystykbay

Actors: E.Nurymbet, K.Kystykbay, N.Uteuil, A.Bermukhambetova, Zh.Ospanov, I.Abenova, A.Oryntay, Z.Abenov, B.Kalila, B.Sultangazy, S.Anvarova, A.Abenova , B.Shalkar, K.Sadykov, U.Kabyl, B.Orman.

Co-author of the stage version and translated by: Miras Abil

Production designer: Alibek Omirbekovich, Shynar Elembayeva

Costume designer: Shynar Elembayeva

Genre: tragicomedy

Age feature: 16+

Duration: 4 hours (2 acts)

Optional: Please note that artists will smoke on stage during the performance!