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Zarina Altynbayeva

Zarina Altynbayeva

Date of Birth
11.01.1985 (39), Uzbekistan

Who on the sign of the zodiac

Leading soloist of the Abai Theatre

Constant work on herself, music lessons, endless work, the desire to go forward and develop is what led Zarina Altynbaeva to succeed. In addition to impeccable vocal data, the girl has an attractive appearance and charisma.

Creative Way

From an early age, she was closely associated with creativity. As a child, Zarina sang in the choir and studied guitar at Buchin Art School.

Since 2002 she studied at the Kazakh National Conservatory named after Kurmangazy on the specialty "Vocal Art" class of M. Tulegenova. After the successful completion of training, decided not to stop there. After a couple of years, she moved to England to get a master's degree in music. She graduated with honors from Goldsmith University in London.

In 2013 she joined the Abai State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre. Concerts with Zarina Altynbayeva are very popular with the public. In 2017 she had the honor to perform at the opening of the International Universiade in Kazakhstan. Zarina is also a guest artist with the Delsa consort baroque ensemble.

Zarina Altynbayeva: family life

A busy tour schedule does not allow to see often with the family. Together with her husband, Zarina is raising her daughter Tomiris. She was very close to her mother, but unfortunately, in 2017, she passed away. Her main support and encouragement is now her own sister Madina and close friends.

Interesting facts

  1. She won a beauty contest and won the title of "Miss BOSH", as a prize she got home appliances worth $7,500, which she sold and on the proceeds of money removed the first clip of "Anytime".
  2. In her youth, she was a figure skater, competed in competitions and won prizes.
  3. Never takes a picture before a performance.
  4. Her grandmother performed at the opera house in China.