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Ulytau group is one of the most popular creative associations in Kazakhstan, performing compositions in the genre of the rock.

Creative Way

In 2001 the first members of the group created the group "Doskrip", whose musical direction was mainly focused on the violin and dombra. A few months later they were joined by a guitarist, which allowed to revive the style and create more diverse works.

Later the guys went to the championship of singers in the U.S., where they beat the competition and took a gold medal. As an award, they got the right to record a record for free. However, the debut album called Zhumyr Kylysh" was released only in 2006. Some tracks from it became so popular that they were "spun" in foreign charts. Success was confirmed by shooting the clips.

Without resting on their laurels, they started recording the second Zugzwang compilation, which was also well distributed among the audience in 2010. After a while, the band presented the disc "New Day" with the updated composition.

Now the Ulytau group gives concerts in many cities of their homeland and in other countries. The halls are steadily filled with fans who want to see the idols live. Also in the nearest future, the ensemble plans to please the audience with fresh hits.


Interesting facts

  1. Holders of the prestigious Tarlan Award for the contribution to the development of the music industry.
  2. The winners of the Golden Chip category received a $300,000 prize.
  3. They chose their own name in honor of the mountainous elevation located in the Karaganda region.
  4. The winners of the diploma "Golden Disc 2001".