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Torgyn Tasibekova

Torgyn Tasibekova

Date of Birth
15.08.1938 (85), Yntymak

Who on the sign of the zodiac

theatrical actress

Honored Artist of Kazakhstan Torgyn Tasybekova is versatile and talented. All productions with her participation are art in pure form.

Creative Way

After graduating from high school in 1957, Torgin entered the acting department of the Almaty Conservatory. Ah, in 1961 she got a job in drama theatre.  All her career Torgin spent in the theater named after M. Auezov in Almaty. Soon spectators began to go to the theater only to see with their own eyes how Torgyn Tasybekova plays. The performances in which she performs the roles are distinguished by a pleasant variety: from famous comedies to serious, complex dramas. The theatre has become a real home for the actress, and it is no wonder that this is where she met her future husband.

Employment in the "stage" does not allow the actress often appears in the movies and on television, but each of her images is remembered by fans for a long time. In 1966, she starred in the title role in the film "Wings of Song". In 1983, she embodied on the screen the famous housewife Dina Nurpeisova in the film "Her dombra was true to the sound. More recently, Torgyn Tasybekova performed the role of her grandmother in the film "Oasis of Love", where she eclipsed the play of young colleagues.

Torgyn Tasybekova: Family Life

She was married to Kenje Ashirali, People's Artist of Kazakhstan. Unfortunately, her husband died in 2001. 


Interesting facts:

  1. The first role in the theater - Bug in the tragedy "Abai".
  2. Teaches at the National Academy of Arts in a class on acting.
  3. Possesses the republican orders "Kurmet" and "Parasat".