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Shynar Zhanysbekova

Shynar Zhanysbekova

Date of Birth
06.06.1973 (51), Aktam settlement, Kazakhstan

Who's on the zodiac sign

actress and TV presenter

Shynar Zhanysbekova is a versatile actress who is equally good at playing the stage, film roles, working on television and even dubbing famous films into Kazakh.

Creative Way

Shynar studied at a regular school and from childhood gravitated towards acting: she performed in children's productions and matinees. And after high school, she decided to enter the Art and Theatre Institute named after Zhurgenov (now KazNAI), which successfully graduated and was among the best students. Immediately after graduation settled in the theater named after Auezov and at the moment Shynar Zhanysbekova played in plays:


  • "Laughing or crying?"
  • "Abai."
  • "Three Sisters";
  • "The Wedding of the Bourgeois."
  • "Cara Campir."
  • "Night of the lunar eclipse," et al.

The actress can be seen not only on stage but also on the cinema screen. Shynar Zhanysbekova has starred in such films as "The Kazakh Okiga", "Zalalsyzdyrush" and "Ray of the Road". Now she is shooting in the second season of the domestic fantastic series about time travel "Teleport", as well as in the sketch show "Q-eli".

Shynar Zhanysbekova: Family Life

The actress is married and raising two children. It is interesting that neither husband nor children are practically never in the plays with Shynar Zhanysbekova. The son is a future doctor, and the daughter, when she studied in ninth grade, dreamed of becoming a pilot.


Interesting facts

  • Unlike his colleagues, Shynar does not want to be a hostess at weddings and events, despite the fact that such offers are regularly received.
  • She became famous as a TV presenter on "Khabar" channel (programs "Eh, women, women", "77 days" etc.).
  • In the movie "Talan", like other actors, Shynar played without a script: all dialogues - improvisation.