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Shaiza Akhmetova

Shaiza Akhmetova

Date of Birth
08.03.1948 (76), village Georgievka

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Shaiza Akhmetova was born in the family of a serviceman, but she linked her life with her creative work. For many years she delighted the audience by appearing on stage in different images.

Creative way

In 1970 Shaiza graduated from the Kurmangazy Institute of Arts. In the same year, she joined the Auezov Drama Theater troupe. 

The brightest performances with Shaiza Akhmetova are:


  • "Koblanda Karakypchak" - Karlyga;
  • "The Taming of the Shrew" - Katarina;
  • "Fiesco's Conspiracy in Genoa" - Julia;
  • "Morning Echo" by Hatsha;
  • "Girls in Our Class" - Alma.
  • Shaiza Akhmetova: family life.

The actress's mother always ran a household, her father was a member of the CPSU, a veteran of WWII. Parents wondered how much energy and strength of spirit is in such a young girl. Shaiza did not stop at any difficulties on her career path.


Interesting facts:

  1. In her spare time, Shahizada enjoys sports, likes to solve crosswords and logical problems. She likes to read books in a quiet atmosphere, her favorite genres are prose and classics.
  2. In addition to playing in the theatre, she has also starred in the following films: "Blood and Sweat", "Additional Questions", "The Human Factor", "Snipers", "Full Moon", and others.
  3. She received the title of People's Artist of Kazakhstan in 1991.