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Saltanat Bakayeva

Saltanat Bakayeva

Date of Birth
24.09.1987 (36), Talgar, Kazakhstan

Who on the sign of the zodiac; Libra.

Activities; actress, pop singer

Saltanat Bakayeva - awarded the youth award "Serper" of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In 2015, the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan awarded her with an anniversary medal for the 25th anniversary of the independence of Kazakhstan.

Creative Way

Saltanat took her first steps in acting at the age of 18, having entered the University named after Zhurgenov in 2005, having studied as an actress of drama theater and cinema. After graduating, Saltanat began a musical career. The same year she joined the Arnau group, where she is still listed as a vocalist.

Bakayevа has earned the greatest popularity by performing roles in various performances of the Auezov Theatre. 


  • "To Laugh or Cry";
  • "Let us live without hurting each other."
  • "The night of the lunar eclipse."
  • "Sell Your Husband."
  • "The Glass Menagerie" and many others.

In addition, Saltanat Bakaeva can be seen in the films "At Any Cost" and "The Jump".

Saltanat Bakayeva: Family Life

Saltanat is married to Nurzhan Zhusupov. The wedding was in 2011. According to the actress, she met with her future husband visiting a friend who turned out to be a sister to Nurzhan.  The couple is raising three sons. About her husband is known not so much, according to the actress, they are happy with her husband - he supports her in difficult times and does not limit her creative potential.


Interesting facts:

  1. The actress has over 2.5 million subscribers in her installation account.
  2. She took part in Two Stars of Kazakhstan.
  3. She is a perfect dombra owner.