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Saliha Kozhakova

Saliha Kozhakova

Date of Birth
23.08.1941 (82), Karasaz village, Kazakhstan

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Saliha Kozhakova is a perfect example of how a simple girl from a tiny village can become a real star. Despite her old age, the actress continues to shine on the stage of the Auezov Drama Theater.

Creative Way

Unlike most other actors, Salikh Kozhakova chose an unusual path and did not enter the academy or conservatory in the class of acting. Instead, she went to the theatre studio at the Auezov Theatre.

Two years later, the graduates were enrolled in the theater troupe, and among them was Saliha Kozhakova. The performances in which she played are quite diverse: from world classics to plays based on the Kazakh epos, the latter she gives preference to.

Often the actress can be seen on the screen as well: during her career, she managed to star in more than ten films, mostly in the Soviet period. Fans often note her playing in the ribbons "On the Wings of the Song", "My Name is Leather", "Five Brothers" and others.

Saliha Kozhakov: Family Life

She was married to Esbolgan Zhaysanbayev, People's Artist of Kazakhstan. Unfortunately, her husband died very young, in 1983, at the age of forty-three years. The widow had two children left.


Interesting facts:

  • With her participation, a monument to her husband was erected near the school in his native village.
  • The jubilee of the artist was marked at the State Academic Theatre with a separate concert.
  • She is a laureate of theatre awards and the winner of the "Labor Veteran" medal of the USSR.