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Alkozha Roza

Alkozha Roza

Date of Birth
01.10.1981 (42), Almaty

Who by a sign of the zodiac

Rose Alkozha won the hearts of listeners with a strong voice and the performance of traditional Kazakh motifs.

Creative Way

The girl grew up in a family where tradition is sacred. Therefore, for a novice artist, the main principles were respect, help, and understanding with the family. During her school years, she developed a craving for art. She liked to participate in festive events and various productions. After graduation, the confidence to tie destiny to music only became firmly established.

She prefers to perform compositions close to the folk art of her native country. At the same time, she is experimenting with new directions, mixing them and diluting them.

The greatest popularity received such works of the performer as:

  • I think about you;
  • Kelinge Osiet;
  • Shamshige arnau;
  • Ball;
  • Balapan;
  • Atameken.

Rose Alkozha: family life

She is married, but the details of her relationship with her chosen vocalist do not apply. She believes that happiness loves silence and does not tolerate publicity. But she is happy to share information about her work and creativity.

Interesting facts

  1. Do not get lost in difficult and unforeseen situations. One day there was a problem with the electricity at the venue. Rosa Alkozha conducted the concert in total darkness and without music.
  2. The singer's first solo was held in 2013. Then she started to tour a lot of big cities in Kazakhstan.
  3. In addition to solo programs, she performs in a duet with other singers and participates in TV projects and radio programs.