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Rauf & Faik

Rauf & Faik



Rap Group

Brothers who perform on the same stage is not the most frequent phenomenon, and what can we say about twins, such as, for example, Rauf & Faik - Russian rappers of Azerbaijani origin.

Creative Way

Rauf and Faik have been interested in music since childhood. When they were only four years old, their parents enrolled them in a music school and then in a variety studio. In the latter, they have made tangible progress: their talent is recognized and they go on tour to northern Europe (Estonia, Finland, Sweden). At the age of fifteen, the brothers set a goal to become famous musicians. Unlike most other contemporary rappers who put their tracks on the internet, and their performances start only after gathering their audience, the Mirzaev brothers sang in clubs and bars long before they became famous. Earned money, they saved up for the video shoot. The first Rauf & Faik video was shot for the song "Love remained yesterday" which became popular on YouTube.


In 2018, the album "I Don't Need Words" was released and became the debut album for Rauf & Faik. The songs collected on the record "flew" over the Internet and instantly turned into hits. Soon after that Rauf & Faik set off on a solo tour of Russia and the CIS countries.

Interesting facts

  1. They are inspired by listening to new generation Western performers such as XXXTentacion.
  2. They were nominated for the "Breakthrough of the Year" award along with Monetochka, Tima Belorusskikh, and other young stars.
  3. They have 1.8 million subscribers to YouTube.