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Ramazan Amantai

Ramazan Amantai

Date of Birth
28.12.1998 (25), Almaty, Kazakhstan

Zodiac sign

actor, TV presenter, composer, singer, and poet

Ramazan Amantai is a unique and talented person who helps the whole world to discover Kazakhstan's cultural heritage.

Creative Way

Ramazan Amantai began his career in cinema in 2010 with the series "Aynalaiyn", in which he played one of the main characters - Arman. Seven years later he was invited to participate in an episode of the project entitled "Bastyk Bolamyn - 2". Now he has more than 5 films on his account.

The films in which he featured Ramazan Amantai were loved not only by Kazakhstanis but also by viewers outside his homeland. He is remembered for his next films:

  • "The Way of the Leader" - was filmed in 2014, plays a minor hero;
  • "16 Kyz" - created in 2015, a minor role;
  • "Order to Return Alive" - 2015, here he portrays Brother Bolat;
  • "Business in Kazakh, Business in America, Business in Africa, Business in Korea, the painting was shot between 2016 and 2019, played by Yerkosha;
  • "Clustastar" - 2018, the role of the second plan;
  • "Make a Wish" - 2018, an episodic appearance.

Ramazan Amantai: family life

The actor was born in Almaty, graduated from a school in 2016. As long as his heart is free. 


Interesting facts:

  1. He plays the dombra, composes music and lyrics. On international trips always introduces local residents to the culture of Kazakhstan.
  2. During the filming of the movie "Business in Kazakh in Africa" motivated musicians of Kenya to learn and sing "Sagyndym Almaty".