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Nuketai Myshbaeva

Nuketai Myshbaeva

Date of Birth
09.03.1936 (88), Narynkol village, Kazakhstan

Zodiac sign


Nuketai Myshbaeva dreamed of becoming an opera singer, for this purpose she came to Almaty to enter a university after school. But at the auditions, after careful checks she was given a verdict that she is a theatrical artist. In 1954 the theatrical faculty, where the young girl entered, was opened. 

Creative path

After graduating from the National Conservatory. Kurmangazy, immediately joined the ranks of the acting troupe of the Drama Theater named after Auezov and to this day works on his first stage. She has played hundreds of roles and each bright, deep and multifaceted. Nuketai Myshbaeva's performances are always a holiday for spectators. She was shining in:

  • "Oh, those girls" - Aisulu;
  • "Svya has arrived" - Marfuga;
  • "Blood and sweat" - Akbala;
  • "The Prayer Rug" by Urquiya.

In addition, the game Nuketai can be appreciated in the movies "Snow in the Summer", "Bride for Brother", "Bolashak", "Open the door - I'm happy", etc.

Nuketai Myshbaeva: family life

Their husband was brought up with a daughter, Zemfira, who gave them a grandson.


Interesting facts:

  1. In 1976 she was awarded as Honoured Artist of Kazakhstan.
  2. As a child, the actress saw the war, before her eyes from hunger and cold dead adults. She did not see her father, was brought up by one mother. In those times there was no tea, no sweets, everyone ate one's bread and that was rare.
  3. Ever since she was a child, she'd been drawn to art. She lived in a small village, only she had a radio, so all the guys from the yard gathered in her house to listen to music.