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Date of Birth
21.10.1990 (33), Shymkent

Real name
Nazima Dzhanibekova.

Who by a sign of the zodiac

Nazima became known through participation in TV project "Songs" on the TNT channel. Her strong voice, perseverance, desire to work and development - all this helped her to achieve her goal and success.

Creative Way

At a young age, Nazima sang in a children's choir and performed in music competitions. After graduation, Nazima went to university to study economics at the insistence of her family, but this did not prevent her from continuing her creative work.

In 2011, she took part in the Kazakh TV show "Zhuldyzdar Factory", an analog of the Russian "Factory of Stars", where she reached the final, but could not win. Next was more successful for the performer show "I want to become a star", which resulted in her joining the women's trio "Altyn Girls". In 2015, the singer left the band.

The application to the TV project "Songs" turned out to be momentous for the girl. Despite the fact that she did not become a winner and was not even one of the three leaders, she signed a contract: since June 2018 she is a member of the Black Star label and Nazima gives concerts as part of it.

Nazima: Family life

Dzhanibekova officially registered a relationship with a young man in 2015, and his name is not disclosed to the press. After the wedding, the couple had a daughter, Amelia. However, two months after the birth of the child, the marriage dissolved. Currently, the former spouses do not maintain communication.

Interesting facts

  1. The singer managed to submit an application to the TV project "Songs" 12 hours before the registration closing.
  2. Nazima's parents gave her money for a ticket to Moscow on the condition that if she doesn't win the TV show "Songs", this is her last attempt to get into show business.
  3. The girl played a secondary role in the TV series "Method Orystar 2".