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autumn 2007

Melo'Men performed for the first time at the Shabyt music festival in 2008. That concert became a starting point in the history of the band because that's when the producers noticed the guys. 

Creative Way

Kazakh band Melo'Men conquers the hearts of fans with kind and calm songs. Besides, its members have an active social position: they are often seen at charity concerts. Melo'Men are known for their sharp views and statements in support of traditional foundations. In particular, they were outraged by the behavior of one of the domestic insta-bloggers, which, in their opinion, was not behaving decently.

Melo'Men consists of four guys: Kairat Myrzakhanov, Zhiger Auypbayev, Rolan Kazretov, Gabit Abildaev. The singers sing exclusively in Kazakh, and their repertoire also includes compositions on religious subjects. In 2016, Zhiger Auypbaev left the group for health reasons.

All the singers are married. Gabit Abildaev was the last of his colleagues to get married. His chosen girlfriend is a journalist named Nurilla, and the wedding took place in 2015, and in May 2016 the first child was born in the family. Kairat Myrzakhanov has two children.

Interesting facts

  1. In 2016, the full group was involved in an accident on Al-Farabi Avenue in Almaty. Only Zhiger Auypbayev, who was driving, was in the hospital.
  2. Kairat Myrzakhanov once touched fans with an unexpected phone call from his mother during an interview. The performer confessed his love to his mother and in return heard the same warm words.