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Date of Birth
04.04.1999 (25), Almaty

Real name
Madi Toktarov

Who by a sign of the zodiac

About M'Dee, in spite of his young age, speak and write all musical editions of CIS from The Flow to Esquire. Specialists and admirers agree that he is one of the greatest hopes of modern Kazakh music.

Creative Way

M'Dee performs music in an unusual genre of disco-funk, although some media attribute it to the fashionable rap trend. He first started practicing music at the age of 12, when he was mistakenly sent to a music faculty instead of drawing. In 2014, the singer came to prominence after several successful covers of Western hits. Shortly afterward he won a contest for the best cover version of Jah Khalib.

In 2018, he planned a series of performances across Kazakhstan to support his debut album, but the record itself was never recorded at the time the tour began. As a result, the mastering and mixing took place without M'Dee. The concerts, in spite of it, took place and passed more than successfully. The recording was divided into two parts and was called "Almaty Jazz". The second half was recorded not by M'Dee alone, but with the musicians he started to work with during his tour.

M'Dee: Family life

In one of the interviews, the performer said that his heart was not occupied and he hoped to meet a modest and intelligent girl one day.

Interesting facts

  1. His favorite domestic band is A'Studio.
  2. He received musical education in flute class, can play guitar and piano. Dreams to master the drums.
  3. Farrell Williams and are role models for the musician.