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Date of Birth
27.09.1984 (39), Shymkent

Real name

Who by a sign of the zodiac


Emir Lucaveros is a famous Kazakh artist in the style of hip-hop and rap. Collaborates with SOE Records studio.

Creative path

Before singing Emir 3 years after moving to Almaty, he wrote music and texts for other artists. At the same time, he got acquainted with local musicians The breakthrough happened in 2014 when he recorded his first hits: "Forget My Number", "Music for Sex" and "Lambo". They literally blew up the Internet and brought the author his first popularity.

In 2015 he released several more singles, which found a warm response among the Followers. Thanks to this, Emir Lucaveros played the concert for the first time in his native region, and then in the southern capital.

In 2016 he recorded his debut EP "Evil Eros", which was quite well distributed in social networks. He was noticed by No.30, with whom a joint song "Wings" was released. Now the performer regularly pleases his fans with new works, touching on various topics. He spends a lot of time traveling around his performances.

Emir Lucaveros: family life

Currently unmarried, but often appears in public with different girls. Many of his tracks are dedicated to the female sex.

Interesting facts

  1. He's a good beatmaker, he composes a minus for compositions.
  2. He likes to travel a lot, especially if there is a period without touring.
  3. Since 2019, he's been working with Gazgolder.