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Farrukh Zakirov

Farrukh Zakirov

Date of Birth
16.04.1946 (78), Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Who by a sign of the zodiac

Farrukh Zakirov - artist, thanks to whom in the 1970s appeared the group "Yalla". But he became famous not only as its soloist but also as a versatile and talented musician.

Creative path

In the musical atmosphere, Farrukh grew up since childhood, as his parents Karim Zakirovich and Shoista Saikarievna were the founders of the creative dynasty, which made a huge contribution to the development of pop and opera art in the country. Their house was often visited by representatives of the leading theatres that inspired little Farrukh with their example. And it is not surprising that after graduating from school, in 1969, he entered the Tashkent Conservatory in the faculty of "Choral conducting". It was a turning point, because it was then, together with his brother Ravshan, they became members of "TTHI", which later became famous throughout the Soviet Union, "Yalla". To this day, the concerts of this band attract thousands of fans all over the world.

Zakirova became the author of the most popular hits of the ensemble:

  • "Uchkuduk Three Well";
  • "Chaikhana";
  • "The Face of the Loved One."
  • "The Blue Domes of Samarkand" and others.

Many compositions were used in movies ("Bride from Voidil") and theatrical productions ("Mysara - Superstar"). In addition, he himself, as an actor, starred in the movie "Destiny".

On account of Zakirov more than 10 honorary titles and awards: he was recognized as "Man of the Year 2016" and People's Artist in 6 republics.

Farrukh Zakirov: family life

He's been married twice. His first wife, Nargiz Bayhanova, gave him a son, Sayid. He runs a business. Farrukh Zakirova's second wife Anna met him when she came to work at the Uzbek Concert. The couple has no children in common.

Interesting facts

  1. After a long break, he released 5 albums in a row.
  2. He sang a duet with his sister Louise.
  3. He holds the post of Minister of Culture of Uzbekistan.