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Erden Telemisov

Erden Telemisov

Date of Birth
25.05.1975 (49), Saran

Zodiac sign

Erden Telemisov's determination is admirable: he did not abandon his youthful dream - to get on TV, even when his fate led him quite a different "route".

The Creative Way

Years of study at school and at Karaganda University Yerden spent quite normally, as well as his peers, but thoughts about film career attended more and more often. After graduating from the university he took a "vacation" for six months, but his mother thought about the idleness of the guy, prompting him to get a job. Just the next day Erden was already selling shoes at the local TSUM. This profession delayed the future artist so much that he worked in sales for 10 years and left the position of director of the representation.

Alas, to go into Telemisov's work was pushed by grief. After losing his wife, he completely rethought and radically changed his life. The first project in Erden's new career was "Invasion", thanks to which he firmly decided to become a television director. Then he worked at HIT.TV as an administrator of the " diaries" program, and then as a coordinator of the whole TV channel.

Having tried himself in this direction, Erden understood that he wants another - he wants to go to the cinema. So he was involved in an episodic role in the movie "Mustafa Shokai", from that moment on his film career began. But after almost 20 roles played Erden Telemisov films wanted to shoot himself, not just to be an actor. Now he is actively developing in this direction and the first result - a web series "The Almighty". 

Erden Telemisov: Family

Erden Telemisov is married a second time. He met his wife, Natalia Danilova, a paraglider and champion of Kazakhstan, at the qualifying rounds of the "Invasion". The relationship began only a few years later. Now the pair is raising three daughters: Daria, Alice, and Medea.


Interesting facts:

  1. Played the villain in the Hollywood series "Marco Polo".
  2. How the doppelganger looks like his great-grandfather Abu.
  3. He's a biologist by training.