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Dinara Baktybaeva

Dinara Baktybaeva

Date of Birth
17.11.1993 (30), Zhanaozen, Kazakhstan

Zodiac sign


It is possible to say that actress Dinara Baktybayeva became quite casually and thanks to this accident the Kazakh cinema has found beautiful, talented and charismatic film actress.

Creative Way

Dinara gravitated to creativity (dancing, photography) from her youth, but growing up in an industrial city, she, succumbing to the voice of reason, like her peers planned to master the profession of engineer and work in the field of mining. But one day at an exhibition of Japanese culture, she met the creators of the film "He and She" and was cast in the lead role. From that moment on, her film career began. She made her debut in 2013. After that, the girl was actively invited to play in series, feature films and photo projects. Other films were released with Dinara Baktybaeva:

  • "Oralman from Peter";
  • "The Narkhoz."
  • "Shooting in District 11";
  • "The gentle indifference of the world."
  • "The diary of a madwoman."
  • "The Matchmakers."

Each character Dinara "passes" through itself and therefore in many finds kinship traits, as with the character from "Cinderella Zaure": she also grew up without a father and left to conquer the metropolis after school.

Dinara Baktybaeva: family life

He tries not to advertise his relationship. The actress emphasized that it is important for her to win the admirers' attention with her work, not with scandalous rumors.  

Interesting facts:

  1. Dinara's education is not acting - in 2015. She graduated from AUES with a specialization in Radio Engineering, Electronics, and Telecommunications.
  2. As a child, she complexed about thinness.
  3. She likes long walks. They help her with headaches.