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Dauren Aidarkulov

Dauren Aidarkulov

Date of Birth
06.09.1982 (41), Almaty, Kazakhstan

Zodiac sign

Dauren Aidarkulov is an actor who became famous for his participation in comedy genre films.

Creative Way

He came to television at the age of 19, was a scriptwriter for the program "Shatakhana". In 2015 he was offered to try himself on the big screen. His debut was a humorous project "Wedding for Three", where he played one of the main roles. Since then, Dauren Aidarkulov's films have gained great popularity among the audience. Each year, with his participation, an average of two major films are released, which receive positive attention from the public and critics.

Dauren Aidarkulov: family life

In 2007, he met Bayangul Akimzhanova. For 8 years of marriage, the girl gave birth to his son and two daughters. However, gradually the spouses began to distance themselves and soon divorced. Later it became known that while still married, Dauren had an affair with a young actress Aktoba-Nur Seitmagambet, who also gave birth to his child. After which the couple almost immediately parted, but in 2018 they suddenly got together and played the wedding. Now they live together and hardly talk about their life.


Interesting facts:


1. In his student years, he was a member of the KVN team "Astana.KZ", with which he performed at the international level.


2. As a child, I dreamed of rural nature. He liked to come to visit his grandmother in the village, and he hoped that becoming an adult, he could move there forever.


3. He has a degree in management.