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Dasten Shakirov

Dasten Shakirov

Date of Birth
21.09.1987 (36), Alma-Ata, USSR

Zodiac sign

Dasten Shakirov is an actor and director involved in dozens of projects. The most memorable to viewers on the series "Love is always in my heart".

Creative path

In 2007, he received an occasional role in "Outpost", after which he began to appear regularly on TV. In the multi-episode project "Janym" performed the image of Mukhtar Abenov, which convinced many that he can be trusted by serious characters.

Since then he has starred in more than ten films, and in 2018 decided to try himself in the director's chair. Then "Karaman" was released for his authorship and script by Timur Zhaksylykov. The picture has received good marks from the audience, so there is no doubt that Dasten Shakirov films will be released regularly and soon will please with a new film.

Dasten Shakirov: family life

In 2015, after a long relationship, he married Botagoz Isagulova. The girl is a famous designer, and the couple met at one of the social events. Immediately after the wedding, they went on a trip, because of which he even had to give up filming in a large project. Now the spouses are happy and try to spend as much time together as possible. They are also thinking about replenishing in the near future.


Interesting facts:

  1. As a child he studied the piano for seven years, however, after graduating from music school in 2005, he never returned to the instrument.
  2. e has higher education, graduated from the International Academy of Business, Faculty of Finance.
  3. At the beginning of his career, he shot amateur commercials and promotional videos to somehow make his way to big screens.