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Birzhan Ashim

Birzhan Ashim

Date of Birth
21.04.1994 (30), Kazakhstan

Zodiac sign

a Kazakh blogger, a sketch actor

Birzhan Ashim is a famous Instagram and YouTube blogger, viner, pranker.

Creative Way

He started his career back in the institute, where he participated in the local cabbages, was the star of the project "So far all in MEGA". At the same time, he filmed vines (short videos) on current topics and posted them on social networks.

Together with his classmate Iskander Batyrbekov, vainer Marlen Kapbar, and girl Tavat Mamedova created the show "Alma-Ata, Nebraska". The program worked on video hosting Youtube and enjoyed great popularity. The guys wrote scripts of laundries, "troll" stars, and ordinary people. Pranks became in demand, even despite the often flickering jokes "outside the box".

On the Instagram page, where more than a million subscribers are gathered, there are two projects. "The King Speaks" - small videos where he ridicules different everyday situations and "Pahan" which does in Snapchat, using funny filters, are funny videos with no special plot.

In 2018 he opened the Telegram channel and within 24 hours he became the second in the ranking of Kazakhstan.

In 2019, he starred in a feature film, the comedy "The Diary of a Mad Woman", where he played himself.

He shot a video for the Internet "Nurbek TsvetMet", where he also acted as a rapper.

Birzhan Ashim: family life

Ashim is not married, meets with artist and model Diana Aliyeva.


Interesting facts:

  1. Loves black humor and doesn't hide it. Many have condemned him for mocking the blind singer D. Gurtskaya.
  2. Get the children off the screen watching his video - there's quite a lot of obscene profanity.
  3. The music for the Nurbek TsvetMet video clip did not really exist. It's just that Ashim recorded a short silly text of his friend, placed it in the Stories and asked the Followers a question - where did this cool song come from? A little sketch spread across all the social networks and he had to come up with a track and a clip.