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Bibigul Suyunshalina

Bibigul Suyunshalina

Date of Birth
04.07.1991 (32), Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan

Zodiac sign

actress, TV presenter

Bibigul Suyunshina is talented and beautiful. She is known both in Kazakhstan and Russia. She became famous in the film "Thunders. House of Hope", then there were no less famous melodramas, multi-part projects.

Creative way

Bibigul began her journey in the cinema when she was only 2 years old: thanks to her parents, she got into advertising shootings. She cleverly transformed into a Japanese boy, advertising a new medicine.

At the age of seven, Bibigul conquered the podium, acting as a model at a fashion show collection of clothes for children. A year later, she starred in the video "Zhuldyzym.

Despite her attachment to horses and desire to find a profession of horse-breeder, she decided to devote herself to acting. So she graduated from VGIK, a course of Sergei Solovyov. Her film debut was in 2007 in the series "Thunder-2".

Bibigul Suyunshina selects films for work carefully. The played heroines are different - cold-blooded, kind, capricious, but all of them are memorable to the viewer:

  • Alya - "Virtual Love";
  • Aizhan - "Survive after";
  • Nanny - "The Elder Wife";
  • the Tajiks - "The Last Petal";
  • Dinara - "Nothing personal" and others.

Bibigul Suyunshina: family life

She was married to Ivan Burmistrov. The charming couple made plans, but suddenly the spouses split up. Then she went out with Sher Ali, but the relationship did not last long. Now Biba is free.


Interesting facts

  1. Never filmed naked. In one of the "Piranha" scenes, she was replaced by an understudy.
  2. In 2013 she was recognized as the most beautiful Kazakh woman who lives in Russia.
  3. Loves to drive a car. In 2017 she won the cross-country race among girls, which is considered amateur.
  4. Owns a BBGUL floristics salon.