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Azamat Satybaldy

Azamat Satybaldy

Date of Birth
02.11.1977 (46), Lugovoye village, Zhambyl region

actor, broadcaster.

Zodiac sign

Azamat Satybaldy is a popular artist, who during his career has managed to embody many roles from Hamlet to the villain Kawaz in the historical epic "Tomiris".

Artistic path

Azamat moved from the province to Almaty in 1997 to study in a theatrical higher education institution. Azamat was also filmed for television and in movies. Azamat Satybaldy was the first of many in which he played. The films of the famous film director Akhan Satayev rarely do without his participation.

Almost twenty years after his debut on the big stage, Azamat was appointed Director of the Children's and Youth Theatre. In 2018 he opened his own theater company and a film studio with similar names: "Theatre 28" and "Cinema 28".

Azamat Satybaldy: family life

Azamat met his future wife at the theatre, where they both got a job in 2001. They signed a few years later, and soon they had a baby. A son named Sultan dreams of following in his father's footsteps and entering the theater institute. The couple regularly shows up together at official events, including red carpets.

Interesting facts

Often acts as a host of holidays and shows.

  1. In 2014, he received the title of "Honored Worker of Kazakhstan" for his stage successes.
  2. Currently, he is preparing for the release of the series "Armandastar", which is being filmed at Azamat's studio "Cinema 28".