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Ethno-fusion group «Astar»

Ethno-fusion group «Astar»



promotion of ethnic music

The group  «Astar», declared in the genre of ethno-fusion, goes far beyond the original stylistics and combines folk, jazz, rock, house, electronic processing and much more in its compositions. One thing is invariably the Kazakh folk flavor: from musical instruments to the outfits of the performers.

Creative Way

The current team consists of five participants:

  • Aset Shamshiden - dombra, guitar, sherter, chankobyz.
  • Erasyl Adilbekov - guttural solo, dombyra, drum, shankobyz.
  • Becket Mukatov - percussion.
  • Kamila Kerneyeva - zhetigen, saz-cheese.
  • Aliya Tursynbekova - mares of different kinds.

Initially, the activity of musicians developed solo. Repeatedly they became winners of honorary awards of RK for young performers. Often took part in gala concerts of state scale. But they achieved real success by joining the group  «Astar». The debut full-length performance took place on May 19, 2019, in the national theatre «Zhas Sahna».

Interesting facts

  1. The name  «Astar» echoes the brand of the Canadian project «Astar Artes», also working in the style of ethnic music.
  2. The cost of tickets to the first Astar concert was 3000 tenge.
  3. «Astar» perform their own, folklore works and cover versions of the famous performers.