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Date of Birth
26.04.1994 (30), Almaty

Present name
Nikita Kurskeyev

Who by a sign of the zodiac


Like other contemporary rappers, Alphavite became known for participation in battles, but unlike most, he did not stop there. On the contrary, he used battles popularity to promote their own tracks.

Creative Way

Alphavite career is a great example of how battles have a positive impact on rappers. As a child, Nikita participated in amateur battles with friends. In 2012, the rapper moved to Moscow, where he entered the university. At the same time he began to perform in online battles InDaBattle and GoldBattle, where he achieved some success. A big step to a wider audience was the tournament Versus Fresh Blood, created specifically for the search for fresh names in battles rap. Alphavite won it beating the favorite Ernesto Zatknites.

After loud victories, Nikita decided to concentrate on music and together with other rappers recorded several mixtapes. In 2019 he released his first studio album Alphavite called Love Craft. Then there was a performance in Moscow, where he performed his new songs. The concert was held in full hall, and the rapper played guitar for the audience.

Alphavite: family life

Not married. At the Battle of 2019, his opponent mentioned that Alphavite has a girlfriend who goes on tours with him and supports him at concerts.

Interesting facts

  1. Despite his rap career, he has not dropped out of the university, which he graduated in 2015.
  2. Won the MTV Beats&Vibes project. For this, he got an opportunity to shoot a professional video clip and let it rotate on a music channel.
  3. In August 2019, he got into an accident and hurt his legs. For a while, he was only moving in a wheelchair.