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Ainur Niyazova

Ainur Niyazova

Date of Birth
08.08.1985 (38), Pavlodar, USSR

Zodiac sign

Aynur Niyazova is a famous Kazakh actress who has gained popularity for her roles in comedies and melodramas. She made her debut in the movie "Liquidator", where she played the role of a waitress.


Artistic path

After graduating from theater school, I began to play performances on a small stage. Her talent was quickly noticed and since 2011. Ainur Niyazova began decorating films with her presence. At first, she was given occasional and minor roles, but with persistence managed to prove that she had to spend much more time in the center of the cameras. A real success was the roles in the TV series "Janym-2" and "Kilometer 25".

After securing a position in the cinema has not ceased to act in the theater. In her track record is even Juliette and Chrysothemis. In her spare time, she writes poems.

Ainur Niyazova: family life

Not married at the moment. A celebrity is often asked if she plans to get married, but she is delicately silenced. Now the girl has a busy schedule, she's on tour all the time.

Interesting facts


1. In the early stages of her career, she sang her own songs in the Jantik band but left it to spend more energy on movies.


2. She designs various accessories, which are then sold under her name.


3. Leads several author's projects on the Internet, presented in show format. Often in they communicate with interesting personalities and interviews them.