Scorpions в Алматы
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«Walk on Compote» is an exciting excursion that allows guests of Almaty to plunge into its unique atmosphere and explore the amazing diversity of the cultural heritage of the city. 

During this tour, you will embark on a magical journey through the city streets to discover the real wealth of Kazakh cuisine. 

A walk through the Compote is a walking tour intended for both residents of Almaty and guests of the southern capital who want to look into the heart of the city. Such an original name of the area inside the streets of Bogenbai Batyr, Satpayev, Apple and in the valley of the Malaya Almatinka River acquired thanks to a large number of fruit trees. By visiting a walk through the Compote, you will be able to find out the origin of the street names: Cherry, Apple, Pear and enjoy the unique architecture with mosaic patterns, as well as visit the places of residence and work of outstanding residents of the city. The tour of the Compote includes a huge oak, the oldest tree in the city and of course a visit to a cafe. 

You will leave with a feeling of spiritual saturation, new knowledge and wonderful impressions!