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Kolsai-Sharyn-Black-Moon Canyon and Sharyn River

Address: Kolsai Lakes in the Tien Shan Gorge

Amazing nature and unique landscapes are waiting for you in the places of Kolsai-Sharyn-Black-Moon Canyon and the Sharyn River. Kolsai lakes with their numerous waterfalls and crystal clear water simply fascinate with their beauty. 

Here you can enjoy panoramic views of the mountain peaks, the surrounding nature and the bright blue water. The Sharyn Canyon arises as a result of the impact of the Sharyn River on volcanic rocks. This is a unique place with its own unique formations of beautiful and diverse shapes. Deep gorges, high cliffs and caves create a unique atmosphere of mystery and mystical charm. 

Visiting Kolsai-Sharyn-Black-Moon Canyon and the Sharyn River, you will feel like a traveler in a fairy-tale world. Here you can immerse yourself in the peaceful atmosphere of nature, enjoy the picturesque landscapes and feel the greatness of nature. These places will be a unique experience and an unforgettable adventure for all lovers of beauty and nature.